Tatting theory and patterns

The book consists of 104 pages in hard cover and of high quality paper (135g/m2, B5 format). It is bilingual English-Polish and contains tatting instructions supplemented with over 80 educational photos and drawings and - most importantly - 28 unique patterns, all of them diagrammatic and colour-coded, accompanied by over 50 full-colour photos of the finished pieces.

Tatting – cover II

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the second edition of this book - during the printing process page 88 was lost and page 28 was printed instead. We are already working on a fix. We will have a separate sheet of paper prepared with the missing page printed on one side and some glue-stripes on the other side so that page 88 could be put in its place. If you need this fix-kit, please contact us.
You can also download the missing page in the PDF format by clicking HERE.
We are truly sorry for this mistake.

Some small ambiguities and mistakes were found in the patterns presented in the first edition of this book. That is why we prepared an appropriate errata, which can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking HERE.

Opinions about the first edition:

It really is a lovely book and the directions on how to tat are really fantastic with the photos. His works are beautiful, neat and extremely feminine without being kitsch, like so many old tatting patterns. I look forward to seeing more of Jan's creations!

Claire, UK

The book is simply great!!! The illustrations are nice and all schemas are clear. I will recommend the book to the other tatters.

Irene, Germany

The book is phenomenal! I am working on one of the collars right now (April 2007) and I am delighted at how simple it is as well as how pretty and elegant it is. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mr. Stawasz. I hope that more of his patterns will be published in the future.

Maylyn, USA

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